Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

Start by touching “Play New Game” on the main menu.

If you are unclear what to do in the Game screen, try touching the “Help” button in the upper left corner of the game screen. The game will pause, and you’ll see brief a explanation for each item.

What’s the Object of the Game

First, have fun.

Second, accumulate points by killing all the robot walkers in each level. As you gain points, you earn rewards. Look in Settings under “Rewards” to see the rewards and the required points.

Why does the camera follow the bullet?

Use a single tap to fire your cannon. Tap with two fingers to fire and follow the bullet.

What does “Tilt Control” do?

When you select “Tilt Control” in Settings, you don’t need to touch the motion arrows in the lower right corner of the screen. Just tilt the device forward or back to move ahead or backwards. Tilt left or right to turn.

Why does the screen jitter?

Walkers 3D uses the device’s motion sensors to adjust your view using “parallax.” This enhances the 3D effect. If you don’t like this, you can turn off “Enable Parallax” in Settings.

Why don’t my bullets explode when I am close to a robot walker?

Walker 3D bullets, like many fired projectiles, arm themselves only after a short period. This protects the firing walker. And, as you may have noticed, that’s why robot walkers are smart enough to back away if you get too close. Otherwise, they could not fire at you.

What can I do about those annoying beep sounds that play when my energy or generator gets too low?

You can turn off “Enable Alert Sounds” in Settings.

I’m tired of the built-in music. Can I listen to my own while I play?

Sure. Just turn off “Enable Music” in Settings or use the music pause button in the upper right.  Play your own music in the Music app. You can drag the standard Control Center from the bottom of the screen to control your music playback.

How do I display the frame rate?

Just tap in the area above the panel arrow and the frames per second will be displayed. Tap again to hide.

Can I completely clear the game screen of all UI?

Yes. Just tap the score in the header at the top of the screen. The header, and the bottom panel will disappear. Just tap in the same area to go back.

How do I play the Spanish Version?

If your device is set to Spanish in the device Settings (not the app settings), then Walkers will run with Spanish localization.

Alternatively, you can open the Walkers 3D Settings and scroll down to “Language.” Use the scroll selector to select “Spanish.” This will take effect the next time you start Walkers 3D. Note: You may first have to double-click the Home button and remove Walkers 3D by swiping up.

To switch back to English, Open Preferencias, scroll down to “Idioma” and select “Inglés”.

I’m playing the Spanish version, why are the Store descriptions in English?

The descriptions in the Store screen come from the iTunes Store, and it uses the language associated with your iTunes account.

Is there a way to start over?

Yes, you can restore Walkers 3D back to it’s initial state by opening Settings and clicking the “Delete All User Data” button. This will restore all setting to their default values, including high scores and rewards. Note that you will be able to restore your previous purchases in the Store by clicking “Restore All Purchases”.

Version 2.0 — In Development

What does the microphone icon mean?

When you enable “Cardboard” or “Voice Control”  in Settings, the microphone icon is displayed. If voice recognition is unavailable, e.g. because there is no Internet access, then it will be dimmed. 

When you speak a command, the word recognized is display for a second. If it’s a word that Walkers 3D does not recognize, it will be dimmed and ignored. Otherwise the command will be executed.

To get help with voice commands while voice control is active, say “Help”.

More FAQs are coming. Make suggestions below.

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  1. Hi! Great job whit this game!!! One question: did you plan to add a first person view camera? It would be awesome!

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