Version History

Version 1.0.1 (2064) 5/28/15

Bug fix release.

  • Fixed a problem with showing reward information in Settings.
  • Disabled Instabug initial alert.
  • Fixed minor cosmetic problem in Reward dialog.
Version 1.0 (2040) 4/29/15

First release version.



Version 0.3.1 (2018) 4/23/15

Third Beta

  • Notice: To “Fire and Follow” you now single-tap with two fingers instead of double-tapping. This makes it less likely that you will be inadvertantly locked out while following a bullet.
  • More beta testers added to Credits (in More).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where selecting Settings resulted in a crash.
  • Localization improvements.
Version 0.2.0 (1980) 4/17/15

Second Beta

New Features
  • When you move/turn using the motion arrows in the lower right, you can now fire your cannon at the same time.
  • Significantly improved performance, especially on slower iPhones, e.g. 4s.
  • Added a small fixed reticle (crosshair) in center of the screen.
  • Added indicators showing cannon elevation and traverse in the lower right.
  • When using “Tilt Control”, a small cross is displayed in the lower right indicating movement and turning.
  • Also, when using “Tilt Control”, screen rotation is disabled.
  • Greatly improved the Spanish localization.
Minor Changes
  • Improved the parallax effect.
  • Added a link to the FAQs in the Welcome message and the Help overlay.
  • The Help overlay appearance is improved, and it zooms in/out of the Help button.
  • On starting the very first game, the Help overlay is automatically shown with a pulsing Help button.
  • The engine sound now plays during turns and at a low volume when idling.
  • Adjusted the relative volumes of the alert sounds.
  • Better walker shadows.
  • The “Delete All User Data” button in Settings is clearer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash when pausing a game that has terminated.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after multiple same level restarts.
  • Fixed crash when using the Settings button and the settings data has been corrupted. Note: If you continue to see this problem, please remove and re-install Walkers 3D.
  • Due to increased performance, bullets no longer pass through robots and trees at higher levels.
  • Adjusted icon buttons so the UI would not be inadvertently hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to adjust the Sound and Music volumes.
Version 0.1.0 (1165) 3/24/15
  • First Beta
Version 0.0.29 (1152) 3/23/15
  • Require password to set Developer Mode.
  • Always enable “Play Level” but dim text beneath it if level is not selectable.
  • Show high score on main menu.
  • Log major events to server. (No user-specific data.)
Version 0.0.28 (1071) 3/20/15
  • Header
    • Tapping header at the top of the Game view hides/shows it.
    • Display next reward points instead of high score.
  • Store
    • Implement Buy and Restore.
    • Add iPad layout.
    • Localize Store for Spanish.
  • Use points for awarding rewards, not level.
  • Added animation of menu buttons with Setting to disable.
  • Added shield wall and shimmer it when walker hits it.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • “Restart Level” used wrong level.
    • “Darkness” did not carry over to next level.
    • Some rewards could be selected without having won them.
    • Skewed random distribution of trees.
    • Link to Privacy Policy
  • Small timing changes.
  • Only update saved level score when new value is higher.
  • Misc “Promo” features to support the trailer video.
  • Various minor layout changes.
Version 0.0.27 (578) 3/10/15
  • This version was successfully published to the app store as a beta version.
  • Reverted back to Xcode 6.2 and Swift 1.1.
  • Added “Store” to main menu and added “Walkers 3D Store” menu.
  • Display 3 in-app purchase items defined in the App Store, including price.
  • “Buy” button is not yet functional.
Version 0.0.26 (495) 3/9/15
  • Limit travel to area inside mountain horizon, i.e. the shield.
  • Add shield sound and shimmer visual effect when hitting shield. In addition to rebounding.
  • Add bigger cannon to Tank.
  • Add “Tank Cannon” reward, including setting. Localized for Spanish.
  • Restore reward localization.
  • Handle audio interruptions properly, allowing audio to resume and pausing/resuming game.
  • Adjust Change and Swap buttons.
  • Hide Help by tapping anywhere.
  • In More, link to FAQs on web site.
  • Only make most likely button bold in menus, e.g. Start New Game.
  • Adjust menu layouts.
Version 0.0.25 (306) 3/5/15
  • Allow sounds from other apps to play, e.g. music from Music app.
  • Adjust relative volumes.
  • Add “Enable Parallax” setting.
  • Improve parallax effect, including when Tilt Control is enabled.
Version 0.0.24 (265) 3/4/15
  • Add new Setting to pick language, English or Spanish.
  • Fully localize for Spanish: More, Query and other UI items.
  • Add link to AppStore in More.
Version 0.0.23 (136) 3/2/15
  • Preparations for submitting to App Store.
  • Improve tree burning animation.
Version 0.0.22 (100) 3/1/15
  • Start supporting build number.
  • Change app name from “Walkers3D” to “Walkers 3D”.
  • Adjust updateIntervals to use real time, resulting in smooth animations.
  • Improve bullet explosion animation.
  • Time scale setting for use with Promo to capture bullets in flight.
  • Pause game during Help.
  • Improve layout of Query dialog.
  • Use italics for reward title.
  • Invoke Query dialog based on reward. Just one time. After level 4.
  • Add left arrows to settings.
  • Increase size of walker color images.
  • Remove second alert when resetting user data.
  • In welcome screen change okay to I understand.
  • Add “Demo Mode” setting.
  • “Stop Demo” button stops game and shows Welcome dialog.
  • Demo Mode starts in level 2 with a score of 5.